The Issue

There remain significant misinformation and misplaced fear about HIV/AIDS. As a result, there exist stigma and discrimination that are not based on science or medicine. They discourage people from getting tested and receiving health care for HIV/AIDS. Testing and health care are critical to prevent the spread of HIV and improve the health of people who have HIV/AIDS. 

Current Initiatives

  • Supporting the recommendations of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Taskforce
  • Promoting employment and removing impediments to work for people with HIV/AIDS in New York

Policy Recommendations

  • Enforcement of anti-discrimination laws: Governments should enforce anti-discrimination protections that protect people with HIV. Significant resources should be devoted to enforcement to discourage discrimination.
  • Universal precautions with all patients: Doctors and other health care professionals should not refuse to treat people because of their known HIV status. Instead, they should use universal precautions with all patients. 

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