The Legal Action Center is the only non-profit law and policy organization in the United States whose sole mission is to fight discrimination against people with histories of addiction, HIV/AIDS, or criminal records, and to advocate for sound public policies in these areas.

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AIDS and Adolescents – the Changing Legal Landscape

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017

This training will cover the legal rights and potential liabilities of adolescents living with or at risk for HIV, including the new right for adolescents to consent to HIV treatment.

Accessing Insurance Coverage for Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

This training will provide an overview of the federal parity law and how individuals and providers can take advantage of their rights under the law.

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Rx for Drug Courts: Allow Effective Addiction Medication

The opioid epidemic kills 78 Americans every day. To address this crisis, President Obama and public health authorities have called for increased use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Yet half the nation’s drug courts prohibit MAT, according to a 2014 survey.

When Coming Home Means Being Shut Out: Expanding Reentry to All Types of Offenses

We need to ensure that all people with conviction histories are eligible for and receive effective reentry services, not just those with offenses categorized as nonserious, nonsexual, and nonviolent.

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News and Highlights

New York’s “Sealing of Certain Convictions” Law goes into Effect

Beginning tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers could be eligible to have certain old criminal convictions sealed. An article published in today’s Wall Street Journal draws attention to a potentially transformative new law – and the Legal Action Center’s ongoing work to ensure that it lives up to its potential.

Aetna to Provide Emergency Relief to Members Affected by HIV/AIDS Privacy Breach

At the end of July, Aetna mailed letters to 12,000 people breaching their HIV privacy. The company is offering emergency financial relief and counseling to those who suffered specific harm as a direct result of the mailing.

113 of the Nation’s Leading Patient Advocacy and Health Care Organizations Launch ‘Campaign to Protect Patient Privacy Rights’

Many of the nation’s leading addiction treatment, recovery, health care and advocacy organizations today announced a new coordinated effort to advocate for maintaining the confidentiality of SUD patients in the face of proposals to eradicate these essential rights.


The Senate is again debating legislation that would repeal major provisions of the ACA/Obamacare, restructure the Medicaid program, impose huge funding cuts and gut pre-existing condition protections.  Spearheaded by Senators Graham (R-SC) and Cassidy (R-LA), this legislation would be devastating to people who need addiction and mental health care.  Graham-Cassidy would result in tens of millions of people losing their health insurance and strip away coverage and protections for people needing addiction and mental health care.

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