ACTION ALERT: Urging a No-Vote on the AHCA

The House may vote this week on the AHCA, which would repeal major provisions of the ACA/Obamacare. It is critical that we make our voices heard again, as the AHCA would:

  • Cut Medicaid by $880 billion and strip more than 20 million people of their health insurance.
  • Allow states to remove essential health benefits (which require addiction and mental health benefits) and
  • Return to a time when insurers could discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, charging them higher premiums and selling them plans that don’t meet their health needs by limiting benefits and increasing out-of-pocket costs.

Please call AND email your Member of Congress today to ask them to oppose the AHCA. Here is a tool from Protect our Care that you can share or you can use SEIU’s numbers (English 866-426-2631; Spanish 877-736-7831).

Sample call script:

“I am a constituent of Representative _____’s and am calling to urge him/her to vote NO on AHCA today. Restricting access to treatment for mental health and substance use disorders would be a national tragedy, as the twin epidemics of suicide and opioid overdose claim over 250 lives every day. These short-sighted policies could leave millions of people without treatment, drive up hospital emergency visits, and devastate families and communities”.

Email Tool:

Community Catalyst has developed a great tool for emailing your representatives. Please feel free to use and share with your networks.

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