Nasha came to the Legal Action Center. After decades of horrific abuse in her home country for being gay, Nasha fled to the United States to seek asylum, but inaccurately stated her occupation on her visa application in her effort to escape.  Despite the sympathetic nature of her situation, Nasha was convicted of a federal felony for falsifying her application. She spent time in jail and then in immigration detention. Nasha was ultimately granted asylum, but that did not undo her conviction.

Although Nasha found protection from persecution in the United States, her criminal conviction prevented her from finding employment to support herself here. Despite these obstacles, Nasha persisted. She enrolled in vocational programs and trained to become a home health aide. But after completing her training, the Department of Health told her that she would be denied clearance unless she provided information that showed otherwise. LAC intervened on Nasha’s behalf. Our legal team helped Nasha tell her story and frame the legal arguments that she should not be denied because of her conviction given the context of her offense and her subsequent positive efforts.  With this advocacy, Nasha was cleared by the Department of Health and hired as a home health aide. Since then, Nasha has been successfully providing supportive care to people in their homes, and continues to eagerly pursue her career.

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