John came to LAC when a consumer reporting agency reported false criminal convictions to the employer he was seeking employment with.

In February 2017, we helped a client secure full-time employment in an airport plane-cleaning crew after a background screen incorrectly reported criminal convictions belonging to someone else. John (fictitious name) contacted LAC after he had received a job offer, contingent on clearing Port Authority and commercial background screens. Port Authority cleared him but the consumer reporting agency reported criminal convictions that were not his. The employer would not hire him unless he got a “clean” report. Before contacting LAC, John had tried to dispute the report, without success. Our legal staff guided him through the process. We suggested that he provide the background screener with identification showing that his middle initial and last name were different from the individual whose convictions were reported. We also suggested he let the potential employer know the steps he was taking so that the job would remain open. With our coaching, his advocacy was successful. The background screening company sent the employer a revised report without any criminal convictions, and the employer hired him! Because John’s rap sheets (which we obtained for him) had a sealed, dismissed arrest, we also educated him about how to address the case in the future.

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