When Bronx-born David, 33, first thought about applying for a barber’s license, he worried that his criminal record would get in the way. “At the beginning I was — you can say– a knucklehead,” he told Legal Action Center. “And I’m still paying for it.” But David had left all that behind and had big dreams. His wife, a city teacher for 12 years, realized David needed help making those dreams come true and found Legal Action Center on the web. We helped David apply for, and obtain, a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities, which helped him get that barber’s license. RiveraandOglesbyCROPNow, things are looking good for the couple. David is working at a barber shop in Brooklyn. The bills are paid. He and his wife are hoping to start a family. Some day, he’d like not just to work in, but to own a barbershop. “It’s good to want to work for yourself, to be able to work as hard as you want and see the fruits of your labor. People change, but your record is concrete. Legal Action Center was a place that actually helped me close the door on those obstacles – those demons that kept haunting me from the past.”

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