The Arthur Liman Policy Institute conducts cutting-edge public policy research. Chief among its goals is to give Federal and State policy makers and other interested parties assistance in improving access to treatment, prevention, and other needed services and otherwise facilitating re-entry into society for low-income individuals with alcohol and drug problems, individuals who are HIV positive and individuals who have criminal justice histories.

Arthur Liman chaired the Legal Action Center from its founding in 1973 until his death in 1997. To honor his memory and his commitment to both the public interest and the law, LAC launched the Arthur Liman Policy Institute in November 1998.

As the public policy research arm of LAC, the Arthur Liman Policy Institute has enabled LAC to expand its public policy work in the areas of addiction, AIDS, and criminal justice through a program of research, publication, and education.

Key areas of focus for the Liman Institute have included:

  • The barriers to reentering society faced by people with criminal records;
  • The relationship between welfare reform and recovery from alcoholism and drug dependence;
  • How public benefits programs can facilitate offender re-entry;
  • The effects of the Rockefeller drug sentencing laws in New York State;
  • Public and private insurance coverage for alcohol or drug treatment ;
  • The effect of syringe exchange programs on drug use and the spread of HIV; and
  • The effect of partner notification on the spread of HIV.

An integral part of the Center and its work, the Arthur Liman Policy Institute is staffed by LAC and supervised by its Board of Directors.

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