The Issue

As researchers continue to learn about alcoholism and drug addiction, their findings will continue to refute myths and misconceptions about the nature of addiction. They will inform policy-makers about the preventative and therapeutic actions that can be taken to combat it.  Groundbreaking research continually identifies more effective responses. High quality research must be brought to scale to learn more about substance use disorders and the best ways to prevent and treat them and support long-term recovery.

Current Initiatives

  • Co-chairing and coordinating the Coalition for Whole Health to ensure the Affordable Care Act is well implemented for people with mental health and substance use disorder service needs.

Policy Recommendations

  • Expanded research: Federal resources for scientific research on SUD at NIDA and NIAAA should be increased significantly to address some of the most pressing questions about SUD and the provision of prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.  Expanded research could focus on:
    • Medications development;
    • Treatment and service delivery throughout the criminal justice system;
    • Adolescent vulnerability and decision-making and resulting prevention strategies;
    • Recovery and its nature, characteristics, and demographics.

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