The Issue

Stigma and discrimination continue to be problems for people with HIV/AIDS or those perceived to be at risk of infection. That makes health information privacy and confidentiality critical to ensuring people get tested for HIV and and receive treatment if they test positive. Testing and treatment improve the health of people with HIV. Testing and treatment also help prevent the spread of HIV. 

Current Initiatives

  • Supporting the recommendations of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Taskforce
  • Promoting employment and removing impediments to work for people with HIV/AIDS in New York
  • Protecting New York’s testing and confidentiality laws 

Policy Recommendations

  • Strong privacy protections: The federal and state governments should provide strong privacy protections that limit access to information about a person’s HIV status. Governments should continue to legally require that health care and other professionals keep information related to peoples’ HIV status confidential.
  • Enforcement of confidentiality laws: The federal and state governments should enforce privacy protections and confidentiality requirements. Significant resources should be devoted to enforcement to discourage wrongful dissemination of personal health information. 
  • Informed consent to testing: State governments should protect the right to make informed decisions about getting tested for HIV.

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