The Issue

Testing is the best means of early detection of HIV. Early detection and viral suppression prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C and improve treatment outcomes. People should be encouraged to get tested, and testing should be widely available. Those who test positive should get treatment and support. 

Current Initiatives

  • Supporting the recommendations of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Taskforce

Policy Recommendations

  • Expanded access to testing: Governments should provide testing for HIV and Hepatitis C and make it available in as many settings as possible. Options to get tested and receive results anonymously should be widely available. People should be encouraged to get tested especially if they are at high risk.
  • More informed consent: People should be informed about the importance of getting tested for HIV and Hepatitis C, the importance and availability of care and support if they test positive, and confidentiality laws that protect their privacy.
  • More testing in the justice system: HIV and Hepatitis C testing should be offered to all people in prisons and jails, where rates of communicable diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C are high. 

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