The Issue

Health care, especially early detection and viral suppression, can dramatically improve the health of people with HIV. It can also reduce the spread of HIV. 

Current Initiatives 

  • Supporting the recommendations of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Ending the Epidemic Taskforce

Policy Recommendations

  • Connecting people to care: All people who test positive for HIV or Hepatitis C should be immediately connected to the health care they need.
  • Access to the best treatments: All people should have access to the best available treatments for HIV and Hepatitis C. Public and private health coverage should provide good coverage of all proven treatments and make them affordable for people who need them.
  • Better care for justice-involved people: Corrections systems should provide high quality health care to all individuals with HIV and Hepatitis C. When people are released, they should return home with a plan for continuing their treatment. The plan should include initial health care appointments in the community. Arrangements should be in place for the person’s transportation from the facility and to these initial appointments. 

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