A Legal Action Center public policy priority

Legal Action Center is advocating for passage of the CORRECTIONS Act!

The Corrections Oversight, Recidivism Reduction, and Eliminating Costs for Taxpayers Act of 2015 (CORRECTIONS Act) would:

  • Increase access to evidence-based recidivism reduction programs in the federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Reduce sentences for people incarcerated in the federal Bureau of Prisons who participate in  programs the National Institute of Corrections says reduce recidivism.

Get Involved!

You can help get Congress to pass this critical legislation. Here’s how:

  • Contact your members of Congress and let them know you support the CORRECTIONS Act and hope they will support the bill too.
  • Use our sample tweets or create your own to spread the word and show your support for the CORRECTIONS Act.
  • Use our sample talking points to tell people, policymakers, and members of the press why you support the CORRECTIONS Act.
  • Support our work to pass the CORRECTIONS Act.


CORRECTIONS Act in the Senate, S. 467

Do you want to know more about the CORRECTIONS Act? Click here.

Sample Tweet and Talking Points

Sample Tweets

I’m w/ @LAC_news supporting the #CORRECTIONSAct. Prison crowding is inhumane & reentry services help people succeed. http://ow.ly/NiAz6

Thanks Sen. @JohnCornyn, @SenWhitehouse for the #CORRECTIONSAct to reduce sentences for ppl in reentry programs. http://ow.ly/NiAz6

Sample Talking Points

  • Prison overcrowding is inhumane and costly.
  • Programs like the Second Chance Act and other efforts to support successful reentry have provided valuable evidence about what works to reduce recidivism.
  • The CORRECTIONS Act improves reentry outcomes by implementing and expanding proven recidivism reduction programs in the federal Bureau of Prisons.
  • The CORRECTIONS Act reduces overcrowding in the federal Bureau of Prisons by providing people credit toward their sentence if they work to improve their chances of successful reentry, shortening their stay in prison and decreasing the odds they will return.


For more information or media inquiries

Mark O’Brien, Senior Criminal Justice Policy Associate

[email protected]


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