The Issue

Each year, over 11 million people cycle through our nation’s jails and over 600,000 people return home from prison. They often return to communities lacking in opportunities and confront barriers that make transitioning more difficult and recidivism more likely. Evidence shows that reentry services that help people with employment, health care, and other needs improve reentry outcomes. 

Current Initiatives

New York City and State
  • Co-Chairing CoRA, the New York State Coalition of Reentry Advocates
  • Participating as a member of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Council on Community Re-Entry and Reintegration
  • Working with the New York City ATI/Reentry Coalition
  • Participating on New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Task Force on Behavioral Health and the Criminal Justice System
  • Working with the New York State ATI/Reentry Coalition

Policy Recommendations

  • More community reentry services: Expand proven reentry programs that provide substance use and mental health treatment, supportive housing, employment, and other supports. These are important ways to assist more of our neighbors returning home from incarceration.
  • Better reentry planning: Correctional systems should create detailed reentry plans for every person returning home. The plan should include arrangements for appointments with treatment or reentry service providers. Corrections staff should follow-up and make sure people attend their first appointments. 

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