The Issue

Housing and family relations are vital to successful reentry. Yet publicly funded and private housing are often unavailable to people with criminal records and their families. Eliminating these barriers would restore lives and enhance public safety. 

Current Initiatives

New York City and State

Policy Recommendations

  • Limit how far back in time a conviction matters: Public housing authorities and landlords should limit the look back for a person’s criminal record.
  • Limit the types of criminal records that matter: Public housing authorities and landlords should be barred from considering non-conviction records or sealed or expunged records. Only convictions relevant to the safety of tenants and property should be considered.
  • Create housing opportunities: Governments should set aside publicly funded housing for people with criminal records and their families. Governments should offer supportive housing as part of reentry.
  • Give people a second chance: No criminal conviction should result in a permanent exclusion from any type of housing. Housing authorities and landlords should be required to consider evidence of rehabilitation. 

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