The Issue 

Untreated addiction and mental illness are common drivers of crime and recidivism. Treatment can keep people healthy and make them less likely to commit a new crime. However, people who leave incarceration without health coverage are less likely to receive treatment. 

Current Initiatives 

  • Bureau of Justice Assistance grant to provide technical assistance to justice systems on health reform implementation
  • Public Welfare Foundation grant on health reform and criminal justice diversion 

Policy Recommendations 

  • No terminating health coverage: When people are incarcerated, their Medicaid or other health coverage should be suspended, not terminated.
  • More people enrolled in health coverage: Corrections systems, courts, and parole and probation should enroll justice-involved people in health coverage.
  • Coverage that starts Day 1: Every individual leaving prison or jail should have health coverage that starts the moment they are released. 

News and Highlights 

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