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New Polling Shows Broad Support for Expanding Addiction Treatment and Report Offers Policymakers a Roadmap for a More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy

A survey commissioned by Legal Action Center (LAC) and released today finds strong support among Americans for expanding addiction treatment and making it a policy priority of the next president. The survey was released in conjunction with a new report from Legal Action Center; The Roadmap for Promoting Health and Justice: A Smarter, More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy is a guide for policymakers who understand the urgent need to reshape the nation’s drug and alcohol policies, in order to address addiction as a chronic disease that can be treated and prevented.

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LAC President Paul Samuels Writes Op-Ed in Support of Eliminating Criminal Record Barriers

In his September 30 op-ed in the Huffington Post, “All Americans Deserve a Chance to Rebuild Their Lives,” Legal Action Center’s Director and President Paul Samuels lays out some of the most serious barriers that “confront millions of people with criminal records that include drug offenses.” To begin to eliminate the worst obstacles, Samuels calls on Congress to pass the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, REAL Act, and REDEEM Act to improve education opportunities for people with criminal records, eliminate harmful barriers to public benefits, and make it easier for them to compete for jobs and support their families.

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Join Us for a National Call-In Day and Support the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act

Join the National Call-In Day on Wednesday, April 29 by calling your Senators and Representative in Congress and asking them to co-sponsor and support the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.

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