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ACLU Releases Report on Fair Chance Hiring

The Legal Action Center congratulates the ACLU and its Trone Private Sector and Education Advisory Council on releasing “Back to Business: How Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Jobseekers Benefits Your Company,” which documents the successful corporate policies that give formerly-incarcerated Americans a fair chance at employment and reentry.

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New Polling Shows Broad Support for Expanding Addiction Treatment and Report Offers Policymakers a Roadmap for a More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy

A survey commissioned by Legal Action Center (LAC) and released today finds strong support among Americans for expanding addiction treatment and making it a policy priority of the next president. The survey was released in conjunction with a new report from Legal Action Center; The Roadmap for Promoting Health and Justice: A Smarter, More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy is a guide for policymakers who understand the urgent need to reshape the nation’s drug and alcohol policies, in order to address addiction as a chronic disease that can be treated and prevented.

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CoRA Announces Advocacy Priorities & New Website for NY Reentry Coalition that Includes LAC

The Coalition of Reentry Advocates, CoRA, works “to change laws and policies to ensure that people who have had contact with the criminal justice system have a fair chance to succeed as full community members.” Legal Action Center and twelve other coalition members recently announced CoRA’s advocacy priorities and the establishment of a new coalition website.

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Beyond “Ban the Box”: Four Steps to Build on Fair Chance Hiring

“Ban the Box”, also referred to as fair chance hiring, is catching on as more and more jurisdictions adopt legislation applying to public agencies, private companies, or both. But is Banning the Box enough to secure a second chance for millions of workers with criminal records?

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Legal Action Center Celebrates Implementation of New York City Fair Chance Act

Legal Action Center celebrates implementation of the Fair Chance Act in New York City. LAC supported passage of this critical legislation which aims to eliminate another aspect of unfair discrimination against workers with criminal records. In combination with Article 23-A of the Correction Act, a national model for prohibiting employment discrimination based on criminal record information that is not job-related, the Fair Chance Act will ensure more equal opportunities for New York City workers with criminal records.

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Take Action Today for Federal Fair Chance Hiring

Join Legal Action Center, NELP, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and organizations from across the country today for a National Day of Action calling on President Obama to give people with records a fair chance to work at federal agencies and contractors.

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