Support Amending NY’s Public Health Law to provide immunity for Administering Naloxone in Public-Facing businesses

We the undersigned, representing a broad coalition of New York State business owners, advocates, providers, families and friends impacted by the opioid-related overdose epidemic, write to urge the legislature to pass S. 5457/A. 7812 to ensure that employees at restaurants, bars, and other retail establishments can administer lifesaving naloxone when an overdose occurs in a place of business without fear that business owners will suffer legal consequences. It is critical that businesses can be part of the solution as the opioid-related overdose crisis continues to take lives. Managers of all types of public facing businesses frequently encounter drug use on their premises but liability concerns are a major barrier to encouraging them to store naloxone and use it when necessary. We know that business owners want to help save lives without the fear that they could lose their livelihoods in the process were something to go wrong.

New York State already recognizes that protecting people from legal liability is vital to ensuring that naloxone may be administered wherever individuals use drugs and suffer from overdoses. The legislature amended the law in 2015 and 2016 to protect schools and libraries, public places where people were also frequently suffering from opioid-related overdoses. It is now time to make sure that trained and capable employees and managers at all public accommodations can save lives by administering naloxone without fear of legal consequences.

Without this legislation, ready and able employees and managers of public-facing businesses like restaurants, bars, and other retail establishments are unable to commit to providing simple, life-saving care when an individual suffers an overdose. Public facing businesses can help save lives, please help protect businesses when they do so.

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(List in formation.)

Glendaliz Camacho, Individual
Diane DeRuyter, FLACRA
Amy Dorin, The Coalition for Behavioral Health
Mary Ann Fielding, St. Christopher’s Inn, Inc.
Kathleen Kearns, Individual
Arianne Keegan, Individual
Robin Kellner, Individual
Christine Khaikin, Individual
Eileen Legler, Individual
Joyce Mitchell, Loyola Recovery Foundation
Jennifer Neifeld, 820 River St., Inc. The Baywood Center
Sharon Richmond, North Shore Schools
Jeanette Toledo, Howie the Harp Advocacy Training
Claire Vito, Individual
Michelle Williams, Individual
Abigail Woodworth, Individual

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