Statement on Jordan Edwards

All of us at the Legal Action Center mourn the senseless death of Jordan Edwards. Our hearts are with his family and community.


Sadly, the tragic shooting of Jordan Edwards by the police is just the latest in a long string of deaths of African Americans at the hands of law enforcement. It is emblematic of the systemic racism that is prevalent at every level of our criminal justice system. 


There are many individual police officers and police departments that serve their communities with integrity and courage. The Legal Action Center acknowledges them with gratitude. But the unwarranted use of force against African Americans and people of color generally remains all too frequent, and reform is needed.


As we strive to break down barriers for our clients, through direct legal services, impact litigation, and policy/advocacy, we will remain focused on tearing down the structural racism that permeates too many of our institutions and particularly drives the punitive criminal justice and drug policies in this country. 

Today, as an organization, the Legal Action Center stands in solidarity with those who continue to call for broad reform of our criminal justice system and the dismantling of policies and practices that continue to disproportionately harm people of color. 


Today, as individuals, we are heartbroken, angry and ready to fight for a better system of justice in this country.

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