About This Webinar:

Know Your Rights: Housing, Health Care, and Other Forms of Discrimination Against People with Alcohol and Drug Histories [Slides/ Video] explains federal laws prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities, and how these laws protect people with substance use disorders, with a particular focus on discrimination in housing, government activities and programs, and public accommodations like schools and health care providers. The webinar will help you to:

  • Understand rights under federal anti-discrimination laws;
  • Understand how to exercise those rights; and
  • Know how to help others understand and exercise those rights.

This Webinar Is For:

  • People in treatment or recovery from alcohol or drug disorders;
  • Anyone supporting the rights of people with substance use disorders;
  • Landlords, health care providers, government officials, and others who want to comply with anti-discrimination laws; and
  • Anyone else interested in the topic.


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