This booklet is for people with HIV/AIDS, a substance use disorder and/or a criminal record who want to know their rights to be free of discrimination. The section on criminal records applies mainly in New York, but the other sections have useful information for people throughout the United States.


This booklet will help you avoid discrimination in employment, housing, health care and other areas and teach you what you can do if you are discriminated against.  It will tell you about —

  • laws that make it illegal to discriminate against people with HIV/AIDS, alcohol or drug addiction, and criminal records
  • limits on what employers, landlords, and others may ask about your HIV status, alcohol or drug addiction, or criminal record
  • how you can get a job or housing even if you have HIV/AIDS, an alcohol or drug addiction, or a criminal record
  • what you can do when faced with illegal discrimination.

There is plenty of discrimination out there.  But that does not mean you cannot do something to overcome it.  Your chances improve if you LEARN THE RULES and PREPARE.

Download a pdf version of the booklet here.

If you need further help, please visit our HIV/AIDS FAQs section.

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