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Returning to Work with HIV: Effect on Government Benefits (2019)

Many people with HIV would like to work but face a complex maze of questions about how employment would impact their access to benefits and services.  This webinar explains how employment can affect government benefits for people with HIV, such as Medicaid, Medicare, SSI/SSD, public assistance, housing subsidies, and HASA.

Parity, Pared Down: Accessing Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Care (2019)

This training provides an overview of the federal parity law, and tells individuals and providers how they can take advantage of their rights under the law.

Prescription Drugs in Medicaid: Navigating Managed Care Requirements (2019)

Covers issues clients face accessing HIV related medications in New York State’s Medicaid program. Discusses how to compare drug formularies across managed care plans, satisfy prior authorization requirements and address denials by managed care plans.

Accessing HIV Services Under Medicaid Redesign (2016)

Describes the major service delivery changes Medicaid Redesign in New York has brought for persons with HIV, including Health Homes, Behavioral Health Organizations and the ongoing expansion of Medicaid Managed Care.  Shares the latest updates and outline advocacy strategies for maximizing access to critical services.

HIV as a Disabling Condition: Accessing SSI and SSD Benefits Today (2019)

Covers the eligibility rules for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), with a focus on the Social Security Administration’s five-step process to evaluate disability.

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