Legal Action Center, Empire Justice Center and the AIDS Institute are pleased to present this new webinar. This webinar will explore considerations regarding HIV positive people, employment and access to public entitlements, such as Medicaid, Medicare, SSI/SSD, housing benefits and other benefits.

Many people with HIV would like to return to work or continue working but face a complex maze of questions about how this would impact their access to benefits and services.  Maintaining health coverage and other benefits is critical to positive health outcomes and ensuring that people with HIV achieve viral suppression and remain virally suppressed.

Health and human services providers who work with people with HIV should have a basic understanding of these issues in order to best support clients with employment-related questions. By attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recall how much can a person can earn and still retain Medicaid/Medicare benefits and other entitlements for themselves and their families
  • Recall health coverage options and financial incentives available to people with HIV through Medicaid, New York State of Health, NY’s Health Plan Marketplace and New York’s HIV Uninsured Care Programs
  • Recall information about specific back to work programs, such as Ticket to Work, which may help people with HIV return to work and retain benefits for a period of time
  • Explore how employment may impact access to a range of other benefits including housing, food stamps, social security, etc.
  • Assist clients who are going through changes in employment status to ensure continued access to health care and other needed social services.


Health and human services providers who work with patients/ clients living with HIV

Powerpoint (Nov. 2017)

Recording (Nov. 2017)

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