Voting and Criminal Records (2018)

This booklet explains how most people in New York with criminal records can vote.  It describes who is able to vote in local, state and federal elections with a criminal record and how to overcome criminal record-related barriers to voting.

Roadmap for Promoting Health and Justice: A Smarter, More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy

This landmark 2016 report from LAC’s Arthur Liman Policy Institute provides a comprehensive and detailed set of recommendations for improving our national drug and alcohol policies to improve health and public safety and save lives and resources.

Voting Rights of People in New York With Criminal Records (2008)

This 14 minute-long presentation describes who in New York is allowed to vote despite having a criminal record.  The Legal Action Center created this video for the NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.

Advocacy Toolkit: Limiting Suspension/Revocation of Drivers’ Licenses to Driving-Related Conviction

This toolkit helps those advocating for legislation that limits suspension or revocation of licenses to only those drug or alcohol offenses that are related to an individual’s ability to drive safely, and provides for restricted licenses for employment, education, and receipt of medical care for those whose licenses were revoked or suspended because of drug convictions.

Advocacy Toolkit: Working to Ensure that Individuals Who Can Safely Parent Have an Opportunity to Be Prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents

This toolkit helps those advocating for legislation that protects the best interest of children by requiring individualized determinations about the suitability of applicants with a criminal records to be an adoptive or foster parent.

Advocacy Toolkit: Securing Official Identification for Individuals Leaving Prisons and Jails

This toolkit provides information on various ways to facilitate the provision of state ID cards to released prisoners to help them obtain employment, housing and benefits.

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