Changes to the Rockefeller Drug Laws and What They Mean for You (2011)

This guide explains the 2004, 2005 and 2009 amendments to the Rockefeller Drug Laws, including:

  • the judicial diversion program that gives judges the authority to divert eligible individuals from prison into community-based treatment;
  • the provision that allows certain convictions to be “conditionally sealed”; and
  • the non-jail/prison sentencing options available to judges.
Moving Forward with a Criminal Record in New York State (2016)

This webinar series can help New Yorkers with criminal records overcome barriers to jobs and housing.  It is designed for people who have been through the criminal justice system as well as their service providers.  The series contains four webinars, ranging from 13 to17 minutes each.  Topics are “Criminal Records,” “Employment,” “Housing,” and “Evidence of Rehabilitation.”

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