New York’s New Marijuana “Decriminalization” and Expungement Law (2019)

Starting August 28, 2019 in New York, records of past convictions for certain marijuana possession offenses will be automatically expunged, which marks the first time that criminal convictions will be cleared automatically in the state. Going forward, marijuana possession of up to 2 ounces will be non-criminal violations and will also be expunged.

Sealing Old New York Convictions (2018)

This booklet discusses New York State’s 2017 law (CPL § 160.59) that allows people to seal up to two criminal convictions that are at least ten years old. It also discusses additional eligibility requirements and how to apply for this sealing.

Your New York State Rap Sheet: A guide to getting, understanding, and correcting your criminal record (2015)

This booklet tells you how to get a copy of your criminal record and correct any mistakes in it. It also explains how and what information employers get about your record and when they can get it.

Hoja de antecedentes penales del Estado de Nueva York una guía para obtener, comprender y corregir su récord criminal (2019)

Este folleto explica cómo obtener una copia de su registro de antecedentes penales y corregir cualquier error que pueda aparecer en el registro. También explica qué información los empleadores pueden obtener sobre su registro de antecedentes penales, y cómo y cuándo la pueden obtener.

Lowering Criminal Record Barriers: Certificates of Relief/Good Conduct and record sealing (Updated 2019)

This booklet explains which cases are eligible to be sealed and how to seal them, and has been updated to reflect new sealing laws in New York State. It also explains who is eligible for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Conduct and how to apply for them.  These certificates can improve your chances of getting a job or housing.

Reduciendo los obstáculos de un récord criminal/Certificados de Asistencia por Discapacidades/Buena Conducta y sellando su récord (2019)

Este folleto explica cuales antecedentes penales se pueden sellar y como sellarlos, actualizado con información sobre las nuevas leyes de sellado en Nueva York. También explica quiénes son elegibles para un Certificado de Alivio de Discapacidad o de Buena Conducta, y como solicitarlos. Estos certificados le pueden mejorar la posibilidad de conseguir el empleo o la vivienda.

The Problem of RAP Sheet Errors: An Analysis By the Legal Action Center

In what is believed to be the most detailed and up-to-date analysis of the different types of errors that exist in New York State’s criminal justice records, the Legal Action Center closely examined 3499 RAP sheets from its clients, looking at records from 2008 to 2011 and determined that at least 30% of these records contained at least one error, with some containing as many as ten or more.

Moving Forward with a Criminal Record in New York State (2016)

This webinar series can help New Yorkers with criminal records overcome barriers to jobs and housing.  It is designed for people who have been through the criminal justice system as well as their service providers.  The series contains four webinars, ranging from 13 to17 minutes each.  Topics are “Criminal Records,” “Employment,” “Housing,” and “Evidence of Rehabilitation.”

Your Rights, Your Future: Preparing for Reentry (2010)

This 29 minute-long video helps people leaving prison get the skills and knowledge they will need to find jobs and prepare for the challenges of re-entry.

Model Motion to Seal Dismissed Cases or Convictions for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (under Criminal Procedure Law §160.55)

You can use this motion to apply to have a New York State case sealed when the case ended in your favor (e.g. dismissal, declined prosecution) or you were convicted of unlawful possession of marijuana (Penal Law §221.05). Replace the highlighted text with information about the arrest you want sealed. For more information, see “Lowering Criminal Record Barriers.”

Model Motion to Seal Cases That Resulted in a Conviction for a Non-Criminal-Offense (under Criminal Procedure Law §160.55)

You can use this motion to apply to have a New York State case sealed when the case ended in certain convictions for Non-Criminal Offenses (violations or infractions). Replace the highlighted text with information about the conviction you want sealed. For more information, see “Lowering Criminal Record Barriers.”

Advocacy Toolkit: Sealing/Expunging Arrest and Conviction Records

This toolkit helps those advocating for legislation that automatically seals arrests that never led to convictions and seals old and minor convictions after a reasonable period of time.

Advocacy Toolkit: Prohibit Inquiries about Arrests that Never Led to Conviction

This toolkit helps those advocating for legislation to prohibit any inquiries about, consideration, and use of information about arrests that did not lead to conviction by employers, housing authorities and other non-law enforcement agencies.

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