Helping Moms, Dads & Kids Come Home: Eliminating barriers to housing for people with criminal records (2016)

This report assesses some the of the most common and pernicious obstacles to housing that confront Americans with criminal records, their children and other family members. It also examines innovative federal, state, and municipal initiatives that are helping people to overcome these obstacles.

How to Gather Evidence of Rehabilitation (2016)

How can you show employers, landlords, and others that your criminal record does not define who you are today?  This pamphlet provides detailed tips for gathering proof of your rehabilitation – positive changes you have made since your convictions.

Roadmap for Promoting Health and Justice: A Smarter, More Effective National Drug and Alcohol Policy (2016)

This landmark 2016 report from LAC’s Arthur Liman Policy Institute provides a comprehensive and detailed set of recommendations for improving our national drug and alcohol policies to improve health and public safety and save lives and resources.

National Blueprint for Reentry: Equal Opportunity Housing for People with Criminal Records

This report offers recommendations to expand housing opportunities for people with criminal records and promote successful reentry.

Moving Forward with a Criminal Record in New York State (2016)

This webinar series can help New Yorkers with criminal records overcome barriers to jobs and housing.  It is designed for people who have been through the criminal justice system as well as their service providers.  The series contains four webinars, ranging from 13 to17 minutes each.  Topics are “Criminal Records,” “Employment,” “Housing,” and “Evidence of Rehabilitation.”

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