About This Webinar:

Legal Rights of People with Criminal Conviction Histories [Slides | Video | PDF] is a 57 minute-long webinar that explains the rights of individuals with criminal records, as well as some of the barriers they face. The webinar focuses mostly on federal laws and employment barriers but also touches on different state laws, as well as the impact of criminal records in other fields, such as housing and public benefits. Among the topics that are covered in the webinar are:

  1. The scope of the problem and why it is important for people with criminal records to know their rights;
  2. Errors that may appear on rap sheets and how they can be fixed;
  3. Laws governing the content and use of criminal background checks, and employer obligations regarding background checks;
  4. Employment protections under Federal and State law;
  5. Federal programs that assist people with criminal records in obtaining and keeping employment;
  6. How criminal records affect housing, access to public benefits and Federal financial aid for higher education.

This Training Is For:

  • People with criminal histories;
  • Anyone working with/on behalf of people with criminal histories;
  • Employers, government officials, and others who want to learn about criminal records and their relation to employment, housing and government benefits and learn about resources available when hiring a person with a conviction history;
  • Anyone else interested in the topic.
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