About This Training:

Employment with a Criminal Record- Including New Rights in NYS (Slides) Covers information that appears on New York criminal records, outlines the laws that protect New Yorkers with criminal records when they apply for jobs, explains how New York employers should evaluate criminal records, and suggests ways New Yorkers with criminal records can increase their chances of finding employment despite the barriers a criminal record may pose. The training has 6 sections:

  1. What appears on a criminal record?
  2. Why should I know what’s on my record?
  3. Where does the information on my record come from?
  4. What criminal record information do employers see?
  5. What laws protect individuals with criminal records?
  6. How to strengthen a job application

This Training Is For:

  • New York-based health and social service providers working with HIV-positive individuals who have criminal records – especially those seeking employment;
  • Anyone working with people with criminal conviction histories;
  • People with criminal conviction histories;
  • Anyone else interested in the topic.


  • Voting and Criminal Records (2018). This booklet explains how most people in New York with criminal records can vote.  It describes who is able to vote in local, state and federal elections with a criminal record and how to overcome criminal record-related barriers to voting.
  • Sealing Old New York Convictions (2018). This booklet discusses New York State’s 2017 law (CPL § 160.59) that allows people to seal up to two criminal convictions that are at least ten years old. It also discusses additional eligibility requirements and how to apply for this sealing.
  • How to Gather Evidence of Rehabilitation(2016). Explains how job and housing applicants with criminal records and/or alcohol and drug histories can get evidence of rehabilitation to help obtain employment or housing.
  • Protect Yourself! Learn Your Rights! (2016) This brochure is for New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS who want to know how to: avoid HIV discrimination, protect their privacy, overcome criminal record discrimination, get access to substance use treatment and get support for their families.
  • Are you Somebody with HIV/AIDS? An Alcohol or Drug Addiction? A Criminal Record?… (Updated 2017) This booklet is for New Yorkers with HIV or AIDS, a substance use disorder and/or a criminal record who want to know their rights to be free of discrimination. It explains: laws that forbid discrimination; limits on what employers, landlords, and others may ask; how to get a job or housing despite the stigma associated with HIV, addiction, and having a criminal record; and what to do when confronted with illegal discrimination.
  • Your New York State Rap Sheet: A guide to getting, understanding, and correcting your criminal record (2015). This booklet tells you how to get a copy of your criminal record and correct any mistakes in it. It also explains how and what information employers get about your record and when they can get it.
  • NY’s New Marijuana “Decriminalization” & Expungement Law (2019). For the first time ever, New York State has begun automatic expungement of certain marijuana convictions. Legal Action Center, which has long been advocating for automatic records clearance, created a fact sheet on the new decriminalization and expungement law along with the Legal Aid Society and Community Service Society.

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