About this webinar series:

This webinar series can help New Yorkers with criminal records overcome barriers to jobs and housing.  It is designed for people who have been through the criminal justice system as well as their service providers.  The series contains the following four webinars:

  • Part 1: Criminal Records. Discusses what criminal records are, where they are kept, and who can access them.
  • Part 2: Housing.  Discusses criminal record-related housing barriers, legal protections, and ways of overcoming some of these barriers.
  • Part 3: Employment.  Reviews laws protecting people with criminal records from employment discrimination.  Also gives tips on applying for jobs and completing job applications.
  • Part 4: Evidence of Rehabilitation.  Describes what evidence of rehabilitation is and how to gather it.  Also explains Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct — what they are, how they can help, and how to get them.
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