LAC Writes about Myths and Facts Surrounding Medication Assisted Treatment in Addiction Blog

10505431_10204847958374786_115308793456633621_nIn the Addiction Blog post Myths versus Facts: The Truth about Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction, Legal Action Center’s Senior Policy Associate Mark O’Brien writes about the myths that persist around medication-assisted treatment  and the facts that can give people a better understanding of these powerful treatments and how they are administered.

According to O’Brien:

“Studies have shown that MAT reduces illicit drug use, disease rates, and related harmful behaviors, including criminal activity. People in MAT are up to 75% less likely to die from a cause related to their addiction. Despite what the National Institute of Health says is “unequivocal” evidence of MAT’s effectiveness and safety, many myths persist about MAT. As a result, people are denied potentially life saving addiction treatment.”

Myths about medication-assisted treatment include beliefs that MAT substitutes one addiction for another and prevents true recovery, that MAT should not be used long-term, that courts should make treatment decisions for people involved in the criminal justice system, and that methadone used for addiction treatment have led to an increase in overdose deaths. O’Brien provides the facts to refute each of these myths and help readers develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of MAT and the need to make medications for addiction treatment more available.

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