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Employment Rights for People living with HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Disorders

This two-hour training explains the employment rights of people with HIV, viral hepatitis, and/or substance use disorders. It focuses on anti-discrimination laws, such as New York City and State Human Rights Laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and touches on issues related to health and life insurance.

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AIDS and Adolescents – the Changing Legal Landscape

This training will cover the legal rights and potential liabilities of adolescents living with or at risk for HIV, including the new right for adolescents to consent to HIV treatment.

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Accessing Insurance Coverage for Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment: The Federal Parity Law

Historically, it has often been very difficult for patients to get health insurance coverage for their mental health and/or addiction treatment – a problem that can have particularly harsh consequences for HIV-positive individuals.  A 2008 federal law (the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act, also known as the federal parity law) required, for the first time, that health insurers that cover mental health and addiction benefits do so equally with other medical and surgical benefits. The federal parity law was expanded in 2010 by the Affordable Care Act, and subsequent regulations clarified many of the law’s requirements.

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Overcoming Barriers for People with Criminal Records

This 2-hour webinar explains how New Yorkers with criminal records can improve their chances of finding employment and housing despite the barriers having a criminal record might pose.

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