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Employment Rights for People with HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Substance Use Disorders

This two-hour webinar explains the employment rights of people with HIV, viral hepatitis, and substance use disorders. It focuses on anti-discrimination laws, such as New York City and State Human Rights Laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and touches on issues related to health and life insurance. Impacts of COVID-19 will be discussed.

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How to Litigate an HIV Confidentiality Case in New York

This two-hour presentation provides guidance about how to navigate issues central to most HIV confidentiality cases. It includes a brief overview of New York’s HIV confidentiality statute and other relevant privacy laws, as well as a review of administrative and litigation remedies.

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Employment with a Criminal Records- Including New Rights in NYS

This 3-hour in-person training explains how New Yorkers with criminal records can improve their chances of finding employment despite the barriers having a criminal record might pose.

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Minors’ Health Rights – Accessing Confidential Treatment for HIV/AIDS, Substance Use, and Other Sensitive Health Issues

This 3-hour Face to Face training will explain teenagers’ rights to access confidential healthcare in New York State, and the roles of parents, legal guardians, and the foster care system. The training focuses on common questions that arise in youth HIV testing, prevention, and treatment, and also covers substance use disorder treatment, mental healthcare, and sexual and reproductive healthcare for minors.

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