About this training 

Courts and probation officials often prohibit “medication-assisted treatment” (“MAT”) for opioid addiction, even though it has been proven to reduce illicit opioid use, crime, disease, and overdose deaths.  This training (slides) explains how criminal defense attorneys can assert their clients’ right to addiction medication in order to improve health and criminal justice outcomes.

It includes:

  • The opioid epidemic and the criminal justice system;
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT): what it is, its effectiveness; common myths and discriminatory practices;
  • Why denying access to MAT in the criminal justice system can be illegal; and
  • How defense attorneys can help improve their clients’ health and case outcomes.
  • Sample forms and useful resources.

This training is for:

  • Criminal defense attorneys.  Though prepared for New York attorneys, most of the training applies equally to defense attorneys nationally.


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