CoRA Announces Advocacy Priorities & New Website for NY Reentry Coalition that Includes LAC

1449596474121The Coalition of Reentry Advocates, CoRA, works “to change laws and policies to ensure that people who have had contact with the criminal justice system have a fair chance to succeed as full community members.” Legal Action Center and twelve other coalition members recently announced CoRA’s advocacy priorities and the establishment of a new coalition website.

Legal Action Center’s Deputy Director and Vice President Anita Marton was instrumental in convening the earliest iterations of CoRA in 2005. Beginning in 2012, Legal Action Center’s Director of State Policy Sebastian Solomon became the first chair of CoRA and currently co-chairs the Coalition. Legal Action Center has been active in developing the Coalition’s goals including:

  • Enacting legislation to allow the sealing of some conviction records
  • Ensuring that people whose cases have been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal will not lose their jobs;
  • Redacting information on RAP sheets produced for civil purposes to exclude old arrests that have no disposition records
  • Preventing New York State employers from asking about a job applicant’s criminal record until after a conditional job offer; and
  • Removing questions about criminal records on college applications

According to Sebastian Solomon, “Announcing our priorities gives CoRA even more strategic direction, and having a website to document the work we have done and plan to do is a big step for CoRA. It’s an exciting time for the coalition, and LAC is proud to be a part of it.”

You can learn more about LAC’s involvement with the Coalition of Reentry Advocates here.

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