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Tell the New York State Legislature to Fund Efforts to Link the Criminal Justice System to Health Services!

Message to Your Legislator:

Please insure that the $5 million that the Governor has proposed for linking those in the criminal justice system to health homes is included in the final budget agreement.  This funding will support key linkage efforts that will result in reduced institutionalization, both in the criminal justice system through reduced recidivism and in the health care system through the reduced use of emergency rooms and detox facilities. It will also allow the State to realize significant financial savings.


Governor Cuomo has proposed $5 million to support efforts to connect those in the criminal justice system who have chronic health conditions to Health Home services in the community.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve opportunities for criminal justice involved individuals to enroll in Medicaid Health Homes and receive intensive care management to improve their reentry into the community, reduce disparities in care and decrease recidivism.

Health homes are care coordination networks that provide comprehensive care management services to Medicaid recipients with multiple chronic health conditions, serious mental illness, and/or HIV/AIDS. Because Medicaid cannot pay for services received within a jail or prison, this money would pay for the essential task of connecting and developing relationships with individuals prior to their release, as well as creating connections between Health Homes and programs that target the specific needs of those involved in the criminal justice system. Numerous studies have shown that the most effective strategy for connecting people to care during their reentry is to engage them as early as possible prior to their release.

Action Needed:

The New York State Legislature is, at this moment, working to finalize the budget for the coming year. Call your legislator and ask them to ensure that this funding is included in the final budget.

The Legal Action Center has created a one-pager  that explains what this funding will do.

To determine who your legislator is:

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