Major Accomplishments

2010 – Adam Doe v. Deer Mtn. Day Camp.  Won landmark case that day camp violated anti-discrimination laws by excluding a ten-year old boy with AIDS.

2009 Helped pass first-in-nation law requiring NYS Department of Health oversight of HIV and Hepatitis C care provided to individuals incarcerated in state prisons.

2003-Present – Won settlements worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in over 20 cases challenging breach of HIV confidentiality rights.

1999 – Donovan v. Girl Scouts.  Garnered international media attention with lawsuit charging Girl Scouts with discriminating against an HIV positive 9-yesr old.  Caused Scouts to prohibit HIV discrimination by volunteers and launch a comprehensive HIV education program.

1988 – Helped draft and pass New York’s first-in-nation HIV confidentiality law.


Other Notable

2012 – Published the third edition of HIV/AIDS Testing, Confidentiality & Discrimination: What You Need to Know about New York Law.  This book is the only comprehensive, easy-to-understand resource about New York’s HIV confidentiality and testing law.

2005Doe v. Children of the World.  With pro bono support from Lowenstein Sandler PC, settled the first known case in the country challenging a private adoption agency’s refusal to provide services to a couple because one of them is HIV-positive.  Secured a public apology in the Essex County Star Ledger, implementation of anti-discrimination policies and training, and monetary damages.

2000 – Began pro bono HIV confidentiality litigation project with first referral to Paul Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.  Paul Weiss and other prominent firms have since joined us in co-counseling privacy cases throughout New York.  These efforts have resulted in major hospitals and government agencies improving their privacy practices and compensating HIV-positive New Yorkers harmed by privacy breaches.

1994Red Hook Civic Assoc. v. Halperin.  Defeated a “not-in-my-backyard” challenge that sought to prevent an AIDS housing and services agency from opening a new site in Brooklyn.   LAC co-counseled the case with New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

1989 – Launched HIV Legal Services Project, through which LAC helped over 10,000 individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Have helped protect privacy rights, overcome discrimination, access health care and gain other essentials of life.

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