A Special Message from LAC President and Director Paul N. Samuels

“As I watched these beautiful young girls being sentenced, I felt so profoundly sad. I would think, ‘All that human potential wasted … and no one really cares.’

What the Legal Action Center does is prove me wrong. It does care. It embraces the human potential in those who have come through the criminal justice system. It helps lift these precious human lives out of that deep, deep hole and back onto the path of decency and dignity.”

- Elizabeth M. Sacksteder
2012 Arthur Liman Public Interest Award Recipient


It is difficult to think of a more elegant summation of the Legal Action Center’s work than the one offered here by 2012 Arthur Liman Public Interest Award recipient Liz Sacksteder at our annual benefit.

The establishment and protection of civil rights for people with histories of addiction, criminal justice involvement, and HIV/AIDS has been a hallmark of LAC for almost 40 years. Through cutting-edge policy advocacy, precedent-setting litigation, direct legal services and public education, LAC does more than just help people rebuild their lives with dignity; we create opportunities and empower people to reclaim the promise of their futures.

Today, I’m asking you to join LAC in the fight against discrimination and inequality by donating to our year-end campaign.

With nearly 80% of low-income Americans unable to access civil legal services, every day we work with our clients to resolve a wide array of issues including employment and housing discrimination, often based on erroneous criminal records; lack of access to healthcare and supportive services; and violations of medical privacy.

On the national stage, we continue to make great strides in advancing the legal rights and resources available to our constituencies. Through our leadership of the Coalition for Whole Health – a group of the leading national organizations in the substance use disorder and mental health fields – we continued to work to make sure that that implementation of health care reform includes good addiction, mental health and HIV coverage.

These are just a few examples of LAC’s tenacity and commitment to the people we serve – and of the impact your year-end gift can have. The truth is that from important policy and litigation victories to the everyday impact on the lives of our constituents, your financial support is integral to the work we do.

Please give as generously as you can.

Thank you for your partnership and compassion – our work could not be successful without you.


Paul N. Samuels