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New York Budget: 2012-2013 On March 30, 2012, the Legislature approved a $132.6 billion budget for the 2013 fiscal year. See the sections below for the Legal Action Center's advocacy on the budget and background news leading up to its passage.

Our Positions

Criminal Justice: Highlights
In its leadership role in the NY ATI/Reentry Coalition, LAC urges the Legislature to:
  • Maintain funding for alternative to incarceration and reentry programs during the fourth quarter of FY 2013 when federal stimulus (ARRA) money ends.
  • Establish and institutionalize new state funding stream(s) for ATI and reentry programs to replace ARRA money, for the long term.
  • Add $5 million to encourage innovation and expand services for emerging and underserved client and community needs.
  • Support the governor's proposal to reform the juvenile justice system by closing State facilities and providing placements and services to youth in New York City.
  • Support the governor's proposal to enroll in Medicaid all eligible individuals incarcerated in New York State facilities.
Please see the coalition's position paper for its full recommendations.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery: Highlights
We join our partners at the NY Association of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers, in asking the Legislature to:

  • Implement the recommendations of the Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission to ensure that NY's infrastructure includes a strong state agency with addiction specialty care expertise headed by leadership with extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of a comprehensive continuum of services.
  • Engage public/private collaboration to purchase health insurance and other personnel benefits at more affordable prices. Not withstanding the cap on the use of state funds for executive compensation, ASAP recommends that overall compensation should be consistent with the health and human services market place.
  • Strengthen community detoxification services by directing OASAS/DOH to establish community detox rates adequate to fully compensate community-based programs and clinics for services rendered.
  • Reinvest savings from the closure of state-run facilities in community-based prevention, treatment, and recovery services.
  • Provide access to funds for substance use disorder service providers to purchase needed electronic health record, billing, and data management programs and other technology needs.
  • Adopt an alcohol harm surcharge -- levied against businesses found to be in violation of laws or regulations governing the responsible distribution, serving, or other transactions involving alcohol -- to fund problem drinking prevention, treatment, and recovery services.
Please see ASAP's position paper for its full recommendations.

HIV/AIDS: Highlights
LAC supports the recommendations of the New York State AIDS Advisory Council asking the Legislature to renew its commitment to preserving the public health of New Yorkers and reducing health disparities by re-energizing New York's fight against HIV/AIDS. The council's 2012-2013 recommendations include:

  • Safeguard and support the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.
  • Address the burgeoning heroin and opiate crisis through evidence-based prevention programs, including syringe exchange, opioid overdose prevention and sexual risk reduction among young people.
  • Support additional resources for Hepatitis C testing, treatment & prevention.
  • Support full implementation of New York's HIV testing law and expand access to HIV testing in a wider variety of settings.
  • Properly fund NYS Department of Health oversight of HIV/Hepatitis C care in correctional facilities as required by statute.
Please see the council's full recommendations for more details.

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