LAC Launches New York State E-Health Website

The Legal Action Center has launched a new ehealth4ny website - - dedicated to educating New Yorkers about the benefits offered by growing electronic health information networks in the state, and the options and choices New Yorkers now have for reaping those benefits in their own lives. This new website offers comprehensive resources to help New Yorkers inform themselves about what eHealth means, why it matters to patients and their caregivers, and how people can put eHealth to work so they, and their health care providers, can better manage their health care, while also protecting their privacy.


New York State is investing substantial resources to move from paper to electronic medical records in the health care system, and is building a statewide electronic health information network to give health care providers the ability to see and share their patients' health information through computer systems operated by RHIOs (Regional Health Information Organizations). At the same time, the Obama Administration and Congress are providing funding through the stimulus bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ARRA) within New York and throughout the country to build and bolster eHealth as a way to cut cost and improve health care. We have developed and are hosting as part of LAC's Consumer Education and Engagement for eHealth Project, sponsored by the New York eHealth Collaborative, and supported with funding made available from the New York State Health Foundation and New York State Department of Health.


ehealth4nyOur new web site offers comprehensive resources to help New Yorkers inform themselves about eHealth. People can view and download for free a variety of educational materials, including a brochure (Better Information Means Better Health), video, print and radio ads and other materials produced by the NYS Department of Health. also offers people instant access to informational materials about eHealth networks - or RHIOs - and how people can take advantage of their "health information exchange" (HIE) services to enable their health care providers to share their health information electronically.


To visit the website, click here.



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