Health Care Reform Implementation for Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Services

2010 Implementation Timeline for Provisions Affecting Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Services

April 1, 2010

  • States now have option to extend Medicaid coverage to childless adults up to 133% FPL and receive current FFP


June 2010

  • National high-risk pool for people with preexisting conditions created; includes limited federal subsidies


September 2010

  • Young adults can remain on their parent’s health plan until they turn 27
  • Preexisting condition exclusions prohibited for children
  • Group or individual market plans are prohibited from rescinding coverage once an enrollee is covered under a plan, except for cases of fraud
  • Prohibition against lifetime benefit caps and “unreasonable” annual limits
  • Eliminates cost-sharing for preventive care in Medicare and private plans


The new federal healthcare law includes a number of provisions aimed at improving coverage for and access to substance use disorder and mental illness prevention, treatment, and recovery services, a result of strong bi-partisan support in Congress and by the Obama Administration in addition to a unified and coordinated effort by advocates for people in need of substance use disorder and mental illness prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

Click here to read an overview of key components of the final legislation, including critically important addiction and mental health provisions included in the new law.

LAC is continuing to analyze the new federal law and will release more analysis in the coming weeks. The full impact of many provisions will remain unclear until details are worked out through the regulatory process. To see an overview of