HIV/AIDS Publications

Educational Materials for Individuals, Service Providers & Others

The Americans With Disabilities Act: A Summary of Alcohol and Drug and AIDS Provisions (1990) - This document discusses how the nation's foremost law providing civil rights for the disabled protects people with histories of alcohol or drug problems or with HIV/AIDS.

The Americans With Disabilities Act: Discrimination in Public Services, Title II (2002) - The This extensive outline highlights the key provisions of the ADA's Title II, which prohibits disability-based discrimination in public services, including government programs, services and employment. It also summarizes the major Title II cases decided through February 2002.

Are you Somebody with HIV/AIDS? An Alcohol or Drug History? A Criminal Record?... (Updated 2013) - This booklet is for New Yorkers with HIV or AIDS, a drug or alcohol problem and/or a criminal record who want to know their rights to be free of discrimination. It explains: laws that forbid discrimination; limits on what employers, landlords, and others may ask; how to get a job or housing despite the stigma associated with HIV, addiction, and having a criminal record; and what to do when confronted with illegal discrimination. (Funded by the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute)

Background Paper on Health Care Provider Issues under the Expanded Syringe Access Demonstration Program (October 2001) (12 pages) - LAC developed and disseminated this paper identifying the barriers to health care facilities' and practicioners' voluntary participation in ESAP, New York's syringe deregulation initiative.

Employment Discrimination and What to Do About It (Updated 2002) - This manual informs service providers about the state and federal laws that protect clients with criminal records, histories of alcohol and drug problems, and HIV/AIDS from being discriminated against by employers. It also provides practical guidance in how clients should handle discussions of these issues in job interviews and on employment applications. (Available for California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Virginia) (Funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, New York State Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives, and New York State Assembly)

HIPAA Compliance Checklist for HIV Providers (2008) - HIV service providers in New York who are covered by HIPAA can use this handy, step-by-step checklist to make sure they do everything they need to do to comply with HIPAA’s federal privacy requirements.

HIPAA Information Sheet for HIV Providers in New York State (2008) - This clear two-page fact sheet on HIPAA, written for HIV service providers, explains what HIPAA is, who must comply with it, and its privacy and patient rights requirements.

HIV/AIDS: Testing, Confidentiality & Discrimination. What You Need to Know About New York Law (2014) - An easy-to-use, comprehensive guide to New York State's HIV testing, confidentiality, and discrimination laws.  Updated in 2012, with an additional supplement in 2014, the manual provides a detailed explanation of New York’s HIV testing and confidentiality law (Article 27-F of the Public Health Law), including its relationship to HIPAA’s federal health privacy rules. The manual also reviews federal, state, and New York City anti-discrimination laws that protect people with HIV/AIDS. This manual is a must read for health and social service providers in New York who serve people with HIV/AIDS and also a vital resource for individuals affected by the HIV epidemic.  Make sure to read the supplement just after the foreword! (To order print copies of this manual, visit our online store.)

HIV Confidentiality Training Materials - The Legal Action Center conducts trainings for health and social service providers in New York about New York’s HIV confidentiality laws. The Center also trains providers about how to conduct their own annual confidentiality updates. Click here for the materials distributed at these trainings.

Model HIV/AIDS Confidentiality Policies & Procedures for Human Service Providers in New York State (2014)- These model policies and procedures can be used by HIV/AIDS service providers in New York State who are required by State law to develop confidentiality policies and procedures and to train their staff about HIV confidentiality.

New York State's HIV Confidentiality Law and the Federal HIPAA; A Summary for HIV/AIDS Providers (2012) - This summarizes the basic rules of New York’s HIV Confidentiality Law (Article 27-F of the Public Health Law) and HIPAA’s federal health privacy rules; helps HIV service providers decide if HIPAA applies and how it affects them; and explains how providers can comply with both laws. For a more comprehensive explanation of New York’s HIV Confidentiality law, read "HIV/AIDS: Testing, Confidentiality & Discrimination. What You Need to Know About New York Law."

Welfare As We Know It Now: What New York's New Welfare Laws Mean for People with Criminal Records, Substance Abuse Histories and HIV/AIDS (2000) - This manual describes New York State and federal welfare laws, including eligibility categories, time limits, and work requirements, with particular attention to the provisions affecting individuals with criminal records, alcohol and drug histories, and HIV/AIDS. (Available as a manual for service providers and as a pamphlet for clients in both English and Spanish) (Funded by the New York State Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives and New York State Assembly.