• Need-to-Know News: March 23, 2012

    March 23, 2012

    Updates from Us

    • State Policy Director Tracie Gardner and Board Member Robert Fullilove of Columbia University will be presenting at the "Removing the Bars: TAKE ACTION 2012" conference on March 24. Follow this link for more information on their session, "Legal Health Rights & HIV/AIDS in Prison."
    • LAC Vice President Anita Marton will be a featured speaker at a March 29 forum on the Rockefeller Drug Laws on Harlem. Use this link for more information on the forum.
    • As we said earlier this week in our action alert, now is the time to call the New York Assembly in support of legislation giving judges the discretion to shorten the term of probation (bill No. A8089). See our full alert on the issue for details.

    Headlines on Our Issues


    • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a partnership between a substance use disorder treatment center and a psychiatric hospital to better serve veterans.
    • A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of state Medicaid coverage for routine HIV screening and finds that only about half of states cover routine screening, even though federal health officials recommend it for all patients age 13 to 64.
    • With many states now requiring drug testing of applicants for public benefits, the Congressional Research Service has published a report on constitutional problems involved in such suspicionless drug testing.
    • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the MacArthur Foundation have announced a $1 million collaboration aimed at better meeting the addiction and mental illness needs of youth in contact with the juvenile justice system.
    • The federal Labor Department announced $12 million in grants for employment services for formerly incarcerated women, with an emphasis on job training, mentoring and assistance in connecting to supportive services such as housing, treatment for addiction and mental health issues, and assistance with parenting and child reunification.

    From Our Partners

    • In its effort to fight discrimination against LGBT clients, South Brooklyn Legal Services is doing an online survey for clients who feel that they have faced discrimination from the Human Resources Administration and the HIV/AIDS Services Administration. Follow this link to complete the survey.
    • Today is the last day for early bird rates on the American Society of Addiction Medicine's annual medical-scientific conference, being held April 19-22 in Atlanta. Follow this link for more information and registration.
    • Coming up April 21-25 is the national conference for the American Association for the Treatment Opioid Dependence, titled, "Recovery for Patients, Families and Communities." Use this link for more on the event, happening in Las Vegas. Discounted pricing is in effect until March 30.