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  • WORTH Announces Susan Hallett Reentry Award

    August 24, 2011

    In honor of LAC paralegal Susan Hallett, who died in January after 10 years of helping formerly incarcerated people overcome hurdles to re-entry, WORTH (Women On The Rise Telling HerStory) has announced the Susan Hallett Reentry Award.

    Susan was one of the founding members of WORTH, having secured its initial funding while still incarcerated at Bedford Hills, and this new award honors her commitment to helping incarcerated people learn their rights and make plans for what to expect "on the outside."

    Susan Hallett
    Eligibility requirements:
    • Demonstrated interest in working with women who have been impacted by the prison industrial complex.
    • Demonstrated interest in women's issues, particularly those related to women's reentry issues.
    • Previous incarceration and/or history of conflict with the law a must.
    • Volunteering for WORTH for 60 hours over a 3-month time period.

    Use this link to download an application form. The application deadline is Sept. 20, so don't wait! And please, spread the word.

  • Need-to-Know News: May 17-21, 2010

    May 21, 2010

    Updates from Us

    DVD Screening, 5-18-10

    LAC's video collaboration with the Organization for Visual Progression, "Your Rights, Your Future: Preparing for Reentry," had a crowd-rousing premier at the Discharge Planning Collaboration’s bi-annual retreat, left, held May 19 in Manhattan.

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  • Assembly Leader: No Vote on Paterson’s Budget

    April 28, 2010

    New York state legislators are rejecting Gov. David Paterson’s demands and refusing to vote on his budget proposal, the Business Review reported today...

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