• Lt. Gov. Weighs in on Budget Negotiations - “We’re Not Even Close”

    April 29, 2010
    Speaking to several radio shows today, Governor David Paterson indicated that he plans to keep the recently announced furlough bill separate from the spending bill. This comes as concerns rose about the possibility that lumping the two together would result in a showdown with state legislators.

    Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch spoke about the budget stalemate at an On/Off The Record breakfast hosted by The Capitol in Albany on Wednesday:

    Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch said he saw little hope for a budget deal in the near future, painted a grim picture of school districts in crisis if no resolution is reached by the time the state is expected to run out of cash in June, and pushed back on the idea that there is any distance between him and Paterson on these issues.

    “[Paterson’s] primary concern, as is mine, is that we’re several weeks into a new fiscal year and we’re not even close to an agreement,” Ravitch said.

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